Sunday, November 05, 2006

Looking hard and long for the little Toyotas...

...when you're fielding a bunch of calls and emails from prospective tourists from US, Australia, and Europe who want the dependability and economy of the Toyota motorhomes, you've gotta look at alot of coachesin hope of aquiring them...there are way more buyers than coaches...and nobody wants to fly to California to buy a rough, dirty, inoperative little motorhome. I know there are Toyota motorhomes in Southern Califonia just waiting to be plucked, but only a few of them are for sale at a time: people like these warm and fuzzy little traveling casitas and when they finally decide to sell them, it's reluctantly...even tearful. That resistance to sell and the realities of the condition of the coach collide head-on when it gets to the money, and it's hard to make a viable deal. People forget how nice that coach was years ago when they bought it, and they can't see clearly how much the coach has depreciated cosmetically and funtionally. Most of the coaches I look at have in-op appliances, water damage, and exterior damage and weather damage...and most of them I just can't buy because, regardless the usual hundreds of hours I spend on them, they can't be saved for my purposes. Yesterday, I looked at a 1992 Winnebago Warrior that was on Ebay for auction and was available to see locally before the auction ended. Let's be clear about one thing for sure: digital on-line photos make everything look better. I was so sorry for the people who would fly or drive some distance to meet this absolute distappointment...very rough cosmetically and most of the appliances didn't work. Very sad...and my first instinct was to buy it and take it home and give it a better home...but once they're on Ebay it's retail city and the buyer will have to see this one for themselves. Take your time if you're in this a horse trainer we know told a clinic audience last week: look at a thousand horses and, then, buy just one.


Blogger Cal2269 said...

Thank you for this insight. Another point I would like to add. In my many months of searching for the right Toyota for our family I have found people tend NOT to take pictures of problems with their Toyota's.
For instance we we're looking at one locally that had no pictures of the sleeper over the cab,I told my wife that's where the problem is. Sure enough when we looked at the unit there was water damage around the front window that would have been obvious in the pictures.
Lesson learned:learn from the pictures that are and are NOT taken.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I'm not an expert but if I see one on eBay or Craigslist, I email the owner and let them know that I'll be looking in that area so please provide close-up photos of same. Privately emailed is OK by me but no photo, no visit from me.

8:35 PM  

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