Sunday, February 11, 2007

...the rare and exciting 4x4 Sunrader...

...once in a while you have to just take the leap...and I buy the 1985 4x4 Sunrader that you see here on my website. I weighed the condition and known issues against the rarity and obvious eventual value...the unique and wonderful lines against cost of pending improvements and unknown stuff...the really nominal original investment against the obvious upside potential. It's beautiful high-gloss fiberglass body looks more like a new $125K Chinook than a 22 year old motorhome...and that's the caveat: even though it boasts fabulous looks and appearance, the same issues visit this motorhome that are present in all 22 year old motorhomes. Newer appliances update what is a really nice original interior but a soft floor in the aisle will eventually dictate new underlayment and a choice for Pergo wood or new carpet. Considerable expense already made this month to repair all plumbing and propane leaks. The usual 18' Sunrader rear roof droop will require a simple curb seal improvement but is an opportunity to introduce a roof-deck that's been in the back of my mind for years...a place for substantial storage for rough stuff, surfboards, kayaks, beach chairs, etc. If you you look at a side picture of the Sunrader you can see the rear elevation area...perfect base for an aluminum diamond plate deck with fittings for new vents and roof-air and off-road lights to light the scene, with me?...the Toyota 22RE/5-speed/4x4 drivetrain is functional now but will be visiting my Toyota guy to bring it to cross-country condition...window regulator for the drivers side on clearance lights all the way around bought and ready to install. So much to do and so little time, but these Toyota motorhomes are all a labor of love. Feel free to step right in and take it from here...I've got horses that need riding and bunches of other projects on my plate...and in the mean time, it'll be my daily makes hot coffee and hot showers and that's the important stuff...Kirk


Blogger carol said...

Kirk, I am very interested to know what you paid for your sunrader. I also own a sunrader, 1988 4x4 dually, 18'. Knowing the price you paid will help me get an idea of the value out there in the open market. Thank you and I await your reply. Carol

6:23 PM  
Blogger ahsankhan said...

Do we really care what someone else paid for their motorhome if we're only going to buy one Toyota love and cherish and fill all the cubbymechanic jobs

4:26 AM  
Blogger harley95th said...

Hi, I have a Sunrader 4x4 and would like to know if there have been any changes to the rear end. Mine still has the fake duals. Any suggestions?

4:59 PM  

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