Tuesday, February 13, 2007

...I'm getting ready for Toyota motorhome separation anxiety...

...I know that the Sunrader 4x4 has some issues, most of which I solved mentally in the first day I owned it, but I bonded to this thing like Super Glue...and I went shopping for the fun cosmetic stuff that take some little effort and expense but make such a huge difference. 16 new clearance and marker lights that are bright and fresh...replace a missing frig door...buff the Toyota part of the coach...remove clutter stuff and decals...and bought it a new Adco waterproof full cover. Cruising around Coronado...showing it off and recognizing some clear approval: it is so very unique. Compact but very stout like only a 4x4 dually can be... aggressive but economical. Then I start talking to a nice guy who's a surfer and an excellent sports photographer who fancies my Sunrader... and we start brainstorming about a photo deck on top for his adventure surf shots and, well, he looks like a good candidate for the 4x4. Is it a match? Probably. Will he keep it the rest of his life? I would think so. Will his Australian Shepherd love this wonderful thing. OMG he will. Will I miss it? Completely.


Blogger dpw-arch said...

is she for sale, if so, how much, i have been looking for a rear dinette w. dual axle

7:34 AM  

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