Thursday, July 05, 2007

When you're out searching for that Toyota motorhome...'s more important to be right about the motorhome than being right about the price. If you've been on the hunt you know that you run yourself (and your significant other) ragged finding the coach of your dream...especially if you're not in a highly populated area where you can look at 3 or 4 within an hour's driving time. If you've done some homework and gotten a feeling for the basic things you require in your future motorhome, and you actually find yourself standing in front of a really correct coach that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling...don't get too wound up on "comps" or stories or prices you've seen online because you probably haven't seen those motorhomes or driven them or smelled them so comparing them doesn't really serve you here. I've bought near identical motorhomes at a $7000 price difference because they all had the same irreplaceable value that all nice Toyota coaches was just the sellers discretion that dictated the price. Did 2 very similar Toyota MH's go through Ebay last month with one bringing $22000 and the other sold with a "Buy It Now" of $11000? Absolutely. Do we really care what someone else paid for their motorhome if we're only going to buy one Toyota love and cherish and fill all the cubby holes with our favorite stuff and great books and surf wax and compass and maps to places we've never even heard of...and take (with confidence) on great adventures while listening to Jackson Browne and be warm and cozy inside it when winds howl?...Do we really care what someone else paid? Absolutely not...not even a little.


Blogger kellye said...

I'm really glad you posted this...I'm such a miser and always worried about "did I get the best deal" when I should get what I want and can afford and be happy. Put all my favorite stuff and hit the road smiling.

That really encouraged me to do just that...thanks again...

7:44 PM  
Blogger kootenaikruzer said...

Thank you! I've been looking through the internet for a year and finally tomorrow morning i will go and look at the real thing...only 2 hours away! And I'm on the internet trying to convince myself it's not a mistake. Then I read this post and reply...thanks and goodnight:) And, of course,Jackson Brown will be playing.

10:36 PM  

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