Wednesday, May 14, 2008's sort of like the legendary barn finds... see a familiar profile through an 8-foot hedge...oxidized fiberglass and askew marker lights...too small to be anything full-size and too long to be ancient...glossy glare on corrugated sides makes it a later Sea Breeze or an Odyssey with all that gel coat. When I peek through the hedge at the rear I realize how friggin wide it is...has to be an Odyssey...factory chrome simulators and aluminum running boards make it official: a really straight little Odyssey waiting to be collected...the green shadow behind the side cabinet screen tells you it's an Onan generator hiding value in there.

You push your long hair back and pat your jeans back pocket to make sure you have your cash to take a run at this motorhome...knock knock knock..."excuse me, sir, do have any interest in selling that old motorhome that's leaning on the hedge out there? I have a friend who's homeless and we're trying to find some old thing for him to live in and get him off the street..."


Blogger otter77 said...

Kirk, back in 2006 you blog about the 70's Toyota RV. OK, here's you chance as one just got listed on EBAY. Enjoy your drive to Canada!

8:39 PM  
Blogger sandhiya said...

I love all those possibilities! You'll have to post what you did with that camper!

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9:12 PM  
Blogger mary montana said...

Ya, I know the odessey is a good make, a little wider and better interior due to wider than other makes. I an in process of selling mine due to cancer. Emotionally tough, have had so much fun, with the mini Toyota!!!!

12:35 PM  

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